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smsng-ark VESA adapter

The VESA adapter is compatible with the following Samsung products (samsung.com):





With the VESA adapter, you can easily attach your SAMSUNG monitor to a monitor arm with a VESA hole pattern (200 x 200mm). Use the supplied screws and nuts for this.

Direct wall mounting is NOT possible, as the VESA adapter already contains metric threads through which no screws can be inserted for mounting to the wall. Use an adapter plate for this. (not included in the scope of delivery)


Important Safeguards


Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future reference. If you pass the product on to third parties, these instructions should always be included. Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury or damage to persons or the product, for which we cannot accept any liability.



This product should always be used in accordance with the specified safety instructions.
Do not exceed the maximum weight of the compatible monitor models as this may result in serious injury or damage to property.
Observe the maximum ambient temperature of 45°C when using the product.
 Do not mount the VESA adapter near a heat source or in direct sunlight, as this could heat up the adapter.
Check whether your mounting point (e.g. monitor arm) can withstand the weight of the monitor with VESA adapter.
The product is designed exclusively for mounting with a hole pattern of 200x200 mm.
After installing the VESA adapter, the position of the monitor must be readjusted to ensure correct ergonomics.

Ensure that the device is switched off and disconnected from the power supply before installation to avoid possible injury or damage.

1. Before First Use

Check the product carefully for possible transport damage and for the absence of accessories, such as screws, which should be included in the scope of delivery.

Make sure that packaging materials and small screws and parts contained therein are inaccessible to children to minimize the risk of choking and other risks.

2.1 Maintenance

• It is recommended to check every three months that all screws are still tight. Also regularly check the condition of all components of the product.
 Store the product in a cool and safe place, ideally at a maximum storage temperature of 50°C. To ensure additional safety, the product should be stored away from children and preferably in its original packaging.
 Avoid any vibrations and shocks so as not to impair the service life and functionality of the product.

2.2 Cleaning

No corrosive or hot cleaning agents should be used to clean the product. Wire brushes, metal or other sharp materials are also unsuitable for cleaning and should not be used.
 The use of a soft, damp cloth is recommended for gentle and effective cleaning.

3. Waste Disposal

For the disposal of this product we recommend to contact the responsible local authorities or disposal services. They can provide you with detailed information on available disposal options and recycling centers in your area.

4. Manufacturer Information

3idee Technologies S.à r.l.
5 Um Lenster Bierg
L-6125 Junglinster

5. Help and Feedback

If you need help with your article, we are here for you. We also appreciate any feedback.



Scope of Delivery Accessories

M4x16 screw with cross recess

4x M4x16 screw with cross recess

M6x20 screw with cross recess

4x M6x20 screw with cross recess

U-washer for M6

4x U-washer for M6

U-washer for M6

4x U-washer for M6


Horizontal / Vertical Alignment

Please note: Not all VESA adapters and monitors are designed for vertical (upright) orientation. This limitation is often due to the specific geometry of the adapter or monitor. Do not ignore this information, as the load limit of the adapter can quickly be exceeded if not installed properly.

We are continuously working on developing monitors and adapters that are also suitable for vertical orientation.

However, monitors are designed for horizontal alignment by default.

Horizontal Mounting: YES 

smsng-ark VESA adapter

Vertical Mounting:  YES 

smsng-ark VESA adapter

Assembly Instruction

Step 1

Due to the enormous size and weight of this monitor, it is necessary for 3 people to work together to install the VESA adapter.

Step 2

Place your SAMSUNG monitor securely on a soft surface.
For more information, see the Samsung product page for the Samsung Odyssey ARK Gaming Monitor (external link)

Now remove the base of your SAMSUNG monitor if it is already attached.

Step 3

Place the 3idee VESA adapter in the rear mount of the monitor as shown in the illustration and secure it using the supplied M4x16 screw and washers. (Figure 1)

smsng-ark VESA adapter Figure 1

Step 4

This is what the 3idee VESA adapter should look like after it has been attached to your Samsung ARK. (Figure 2)

smsng-ark VESA adapter Figure 2

Step 5

⚠ Important: If the instructions in this step are not suitable for your device, please follow the mounting guidelines of the manufacturer of your monitor arm or swivel arm to mount the monitor to the wall or swivel arm.

⚠ Important: Due to the enormous size and weight of this monitor, it is necessary to have 3 people working together to mount the VESA adapter.

Now attach the Samsung ARK with the mounted VESA adapter to your monitor arm and use the supplied M6x20 screws and washers. (Figure 3)

Make sure that your monitor arm is designed for the weight of the monitor.

smsng-ark VESA adapter Figure 3

Step 6

Now check that all screws have been properly tightened. (Figure 4)

Have fun with your product!

smsng-ark VESA adapter Figure 4
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