smsng-g7 VESA adapter

The VESA adapter is compatible with monitors of the SAMSUNG ( Odyssey G7 series and other models: LC27HG70QQNXZA, LC27G75TQSNXZA, C32G75TQSU, 43 inch Curved, C43J89, C43J890, C43J890DKU, LF49HG90DMU, C49HG90DMR, C49G94TSSR, C49HG90DMU, LS49A950UIU, C49J890DKR, C49J890DKUXEN, C49J890DKU, LC49RG90, LC49RG90SSWXXL, C49HG90DMN and Odyssey G7.

With the VESA adapter, you can easily mount your SAMSUNG brand monitor to a monitor arm with VESA hole pattern (75 x 75mm). Use the included screws and nuts.

If you want to mount your VESA adapter directly to the wall, use suitable screws and dowels. (not included in the scope of delivery).

Here you can download the manual as a PDF

Download as PDF

Step 1

Remove the base of your Samsung Curved monitor.

Step 2

Now screw the 3idee VESA adapter to your Samsung monitor as shown using the 4 screws provided, from screw pack A.
(Figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 3

Please check if all 4 screws are tightened properly. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 4

We recommend that you carry out this step with a second person.

Now take the monitor + VESA adapter and screw it to your VESA arm. (Figure 3)

ATTENTION: Use screw package B!

Figure 3

Step 5

Please make sure that all 4 screws are tight. (Figure 4)

Figure 4
General notes
  • Make sure that all screws are tight and that the monitor audibly clicks into place during installation (if available).
  • The material of the adapter is not heat resistant. Avoid direct heat around the adapter such as PC exhaust or direct sunlight in summer.
  • PLA is UV resistant but not suitable for high temperatures.
  • Avoid jerky movements (pulling, tearing) on the PC monitor. This can affect the performance of the VESA adapter.
  • Do not subject the PC monitor to excessive loads such as leaning or pushing. This can impair the performance of the VESA adapter.
Material Notes

The adapter is made of high-quality polylactide (PLA) plastic. PLA is both a colorfast and UV-resistant material and has low flammability. Polylactide has a low temperature resistance of approx. 45°C-55°C and is therefore not suitable for use in the vicinity of direct heat and heat sources.

We wish you a lot of fun with your product.

Your 3idee Team

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