HP – hp24f – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions by customers and our answers. We are very grateful to the customer feedback and have been able to adapt the product further and further to our customers.

The adapter is printed from recycled PLA (polylactide acid). The plastic is originally produced from renewable and natural ones. We then source our plastic from recycled PLA, which is upgraded by “upcycling” to ensure all material properties and still protect the environment.

The inner dimension for the display is 35.2mm x 7.5mm (WxD) + – 0.1mm

Yes, mounting on the wall is possible. The holes for mounting have a 4.5mm diameter. The matching screws and dowels for wall mounting are not included in the scope of delivery.

Yes, the adapter also fits on the HP 27es monitor.

Yes, the adapter also fits on the HP 27fh monitor.

No, but there is the 3idee hp34f VESA adapter. Check here if it is compatible with your monitor:

No, but there is the 3idee hp32f VESA adapter. Check if it is compatible with your monitor here:

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