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General questions

All of our products are developed and tested by our Research & Development department. Here, we subject the adapters to physical stress tests many times greater than the PC monitors they wear. Only after successful completion of all internal tests and inspections may the product go on sale.

Inside the components there is a special structure, the so-called ‘infill’, which ensures the required stability of the component. With an optimized support structure and a special formula for ‘infill’, we ensure resource-saving production. At the same time, all our products benefit from ultra-light technology, which allows us to produce the optimum adapter with minimal weight.

Using 3D printing, we can optimally adapt to changes in development, monitor design or market conditions. This flexibility enables us to ensure at all times that the quality of our products meets customer expectations.

We currently use recycled plastic for over 98% of the products we sell. The plastic is produced by a specialist company from extruder waste from 3D printers and reprocessed into high-quality filament. All of our filament is also wound on recycled cardboard spools. 3idee stands for high-quality 3D printing from resource-saving and ecologically sustainable production.

Shipping & Packing

Currently we can ship products to you all over Europe. We are working on the expansion and enlargement of our supply countries. For more information please visit our shipping table: (in progress)

Shipping usually takes 1-2 business days (shipping to islands takes 3-5 business days on average).

Shipping costs vary depending on the country of delivery. For more information please visit our shipping table: (in progress). From an order volume of 39€ we ship Europe-wide free of shipping costs.

We use a Europe-wide fulfillment network, which guarantees storage close to the customer and is designed for short shipping distances. The delivery service provider differs depending on the country of delivery.

To ensure the fastest and cheapest shipping possible, we select the best possible shipping service provider for you. For more information on the shipping process, please use our shipping table: (in progress)

For all products we use original 3idee product packaging with distinctive design. In addition to your product, you will also find mounting materials and a link to the installation instructions. Product packaging is protected by shipping packaging from our fulfillment partner.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason, 3idee offers an extended take-back program up to 6 months after purchase. If your order is older than 6 months, please send us an email to and describe your case and why you would like to return the item. We will try to find a solution together with you. For returns and returns please use the returns form.

Research & Development

Yes, on request we can develop replacements for existing (original) products or completely new products. For business customers, we also offer customized 3D solutions in small and large series as well as prototypes.

3idee stands not only for high-quality products, but also for the passion for 3D printing. We want to introduce people to the benefits of this innovative manufacturing method. For this reason, we allow customers who propose to us the development of new VESA adapters and products to provide free prototypes. We are proud of suggestions and improvement proposals from our community and also honor this with a gift as soon as suggested products are ready for series production and are produced.

The provision of free prototypes will be assessed by our Research&Delevopment (R&D) department, as the case may be. After the final internal review, we will inform you about the status and further progress of your prototype.

With pleasure. Upon request, we can personalize products for you with names, logos and specific colors. Please understand that the production of personalized products requires additional costs, as we first design and then customize your individual product and produce it exclusively for you.

Your customized product will be shipped throughout Europe, directly from the custom department of our production facility.

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