3idee – Filament dispenser

The 3idee filament dispenser is available with numerous filaments (PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, FLEX, ASA, WOOD-Fill, and many more…) and filament rolls from various manufacturers (FormFutura, add:north, Prusament, extrudr, Geeetech, Filamentworld, and many more…) compatible.

Assembly instruction

The filament dispenser is delivered completely assembled and ready for use, so no further assembly is necessary.


For test purposes, we sometimes use the filament dispenser even in permanent use with our 3D printers. 

We noticed that certain filament rolls, depending on the material (cardboard, plastic) create a certain abrasion. This fine abrasion accumulates over time and on the centering rollers of the filament dispenser. 

In order to avoid that this abrasion gets into the ball bearings and damages them, it is important to observe this and, if necessary, to clean it. 

Safety instructions

General Notes:

• Make sure that the filament dispenser stands securely and firmly on the substrate.
• The material of the adapter is only moderately heat resistant. Avoid direct heat around the adapter, such as .B open flame.

The filament dispenser should not be loaded over 10kg.

• Avoid too high a load on the filament dispenser, e.B. by a roll of over 50kg.

Material Notes:

The adapter is made of high-quality polyethylene (PETG) plastic. PETG is a material that is both true in color and UV resistant and has low flammability. Polyethylene has an average temperature resistance of approx. 65°C-75°C and is therefore not suitable for use in the environment of excessively high heat and heat sources.

We wish you a lot of fun with your product.

Your 3idee Team

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